TuttoFood Milano - Delizia Ricevimenti

the Gourmet Sandwich

They invited us to TuttoFood Milan, the international B2B food and beverage trade fair, with the best products from the national and international markets, organized by Fiera Milano. We accepted ..

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Tuscan Prosciutto, Tasting Tradition

Tuscan Prosciutto, Tasting Tradition At Delizia, we love Prosciutto. Like all “Italian foods”, prosciutto-producing techniques vary based on the region, producer and local consortium. Natural and intense, Tuscan prosciutto is ..

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Premio Porcellino 2018 Firenze, cena Delizia Ricevimenti

15th Porcellino Award 2018

The “Porcellino” Award, as every year, is given to all the prominent figures within the Florentine landscape for their daily commitment to the enhancement of Florence. The gala dinner, organized ..

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Sposarsi d'inverno con Delizia Ricevimenti

Winter Wedding

Tell us the truth, have you ever think “it’s almost convenient to get married in winter”? Well, you are not wrong and many couples have already decided to choose a ..

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